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Custom Ceremonies

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What to Expect

Custom ceremonies are a perfect way to showcase you and your partner’s personalities in a way that is meaningful to your relationship. Whether you want to display your cultural traditions or have a candle-lighting ceremony, here are several things you can think about when planning your custom wedding with me.

Couple with Wedding Confetti

1. Exchange Humorous Vows

  • Exchanging your vows can sometimes be monotonous, so if you and your partner consider yourselves comedians, you can write hilarious wedding vows that will surely leave you and your guests in tears. Don’t be afraid to share inside jokes, old stories, or even how loud your partner snores every night.

2. Involve Your Child

  • Nothing screams love louder than making your little ones a part of your wedding day. Whether you want them to be your ring bearer or the ones who give you away, incorporating your children into your ceremony will definitely make your wedding day more special and meaningful.


Here are some other cute and fun ways to make your children a part of your big day.


3. Involve Your Pup

  • Dogs have been there for you more times than you can remember and they will love you even if their tails fall off, so why not make your pup a part of your special day? Whether your pup is expertly trained or has a little stage fright, there are many ways you can include your pup on your love day.


4. Host a Family-only Ceremony

  • If you prefer more intimacy and would like only your closest family members around on your big day, then hosting a family-only ceremony may be the perfect idea for you. Smaller weddings create the perfect relaxed and laid back ceremony that may help alleviate the stress of hosting 100+ guests. They also allow you to speak more freely and intimately from your heart without any added pressure.


You can also explore these ideas when planning your intimate wedding with me.


5. Incorporate Your Personal Items

  • Do you and your partner have home décor that helps make your relationship more meaningful? Perhaps it is a picture of a lost loved one, a special quote representative of how you both feel towards each other, or even an item with cultural or religious meaning. With a custom ceremony, there are many ways we can display your personal items to make your wedding day even more memorable.

6.Capture Your Ceremony Through Art

  • Wedding photographers are a must, but why not get creative and capture your live ceremony through beautiful art as well. Hiring a wedding artist is an excellent way to capture that perfect moment exactly as it is happening live. Prior to your ceremony, the wedding artist will paint the background scene and continue throughout the rest of the night, making sure your guests are wowed at every turn of the brush.

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