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LGBTQ Ceremonies

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What to Expect

Planning your LGBTQ+ ceremony can be similar to a traditional wedding or as unique & and personal as you want to make it. While many elements remain the same, there are several different things you should consider while planning your LGBTQ+ wedding with your Marriage Commissioner.

Female Couple Wedding

1. Walking Down the Aisle

  • In a traditional wedding, there is no doubt that the bride is walked down the aisle by her father as the groom awaits her at the altar. Yet, in LGBTQ+ weddings, this is often different. You and your partner must determine whether one, both or neither of you would like to be “given away”.


Ensuring you both are comfortable and happy in your decisions is the key to creating a wedding day that you will never forget.


2. Write Your Own Vows

  • As an LGBTQ+ couple, whether you write your own vows or allow me to, it is very important that your wedding vows reflect your personality, feelings, and true identity. This is the moment you declare your lifelong commitment to your partner and there has never been a more perfect occasion to express your true love in the way that is closest to your heart.


3. Think Outside the Box

  • If you want to include an element of pride into your love day, activate your creative juices and incorporate an LGBTQ+-friendly touch. Whether you pose for a photo with a rainbow flag, include purple décor on your wedding day, or request a rainbow-themed cake, the most important thing is ensuring you and your partner are happy, respected, and understood.


As a Marriage Commissioner, it fills my heart with happiness to bring you and your partner one step closer to living the life you truly want. After all, love is love and it knows no boundaries.

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