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Legal Signing

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What to Expect

To make a marriage legal in Manitoba, you and your partner must sign official documents prior to your wedding day.


The first step is to obtain a marriage license from a registered issuer while both partners are present at the time of purchase. If you live in Winnipeg, you can go to a local issuer and if you live outside of the city, you can go to a rural Manitoba issuer. Please note that you must obtain your marriage license between 90 days and 24 hours away from your marriage day. For example, if you want to get married on July 1, you and your partner must obtain your license no sooner than April 1 and no later than June 30.

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If you have been previously divorced, you are required to bring with you either your divorce certificate or your decree absolute. If you are a widow, you must provide the death certificate of your spouse, a funeral home statement of death, or a newspaper obituary clipping. In every case, you and your partner must provide legal documentation to prove your age. The complete list of all acceptable documents in Manitoba can be found online.


Prior to signing on the dotted line, please make sure to carefully and thoroughly read the entire permanent legal document. Ensure your printing is clear & legible, and use your full legal name as it exists on your government ID. If an error is later found after you and your partner submit your marriage license, the province is the only party with the right to make any changes.


Now the day has officially arrived! For the final step, you and your soon-to-be spouse must each bring one witness with you. Together, with me, all five of us will sign your marriage registration after your ceremony. I will then deliver your marriage registration to the Vital Statistics Agency to be officially registered by the province of Manitoba.


Tip: If you want to receive your marriage certificate after your wedding, you can apply for it here. Or fill out a hard copy and bring it with your marriage licence before the ceremony.  Currently I am recommending you check the box for rush order. The turnaround time is very slow otherwise, as reported by local media.


Let the fun begin!

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