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Drive Thru Weddings

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Drive-thru Weddings

Did you ever dream of having a memorable yet quick and easy wedding without the hassle of planning every detail? Just like the famous drive-thru wedding in Las Vegas has done for years, It's Your Wedding is the only wedding company in Manitoba that allows you to get legally married while still in the comfort of your vehicle. Alternatively, you can also get married while standing in front of the wedding arch for a more traditional wedding atmosphere. All you and your partner need are two witnesses (1 from each side) and your marriage license.


Some of the biggest pros of a drive-thru wedding include:


  • Saving thousands of dollars by not dealing with the costs of a traditional wedding

  • Saving time by getting married in minutes

  • Avoiding the headaches and stresses of having to plan an entire wedding

  • A unique and memorable experience that will last you a lifetime


If you want to learn more about drive-thru weddings, check out this short article written by CTV News on It’s Your Wedding.

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