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Renewal of Vows

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What to Expect

A vow renewal ceremony is the perfect way to celebrate the love and commitment that you and your partner have shared throughout your years together. While many couples often renew their vows on popular marriage milestones (think 10,25,50,and60 years), the time is always right to reaffirm your love to your partner. All it takes is a little bit of planning!


Since renewing your vows is not legally recognized by the province, these ceremonies are often much more casual, intimate, and relaxed than a wedding. For these reasons, there is often no need for a gift registry, a maid of honour or best man, walking down the aisle, or even a wedding cake. Of course, unless you really want to.

Exchanging Vows

On the other hand, when you are writing your vows, make sure they are simple yet speak from the heart. Focus on the future and how you look forward to continue conquering life with your partner instead of bringing up anything negative from the past. Again, unless you want to. If you need some ideas on how to write your vows, you may find some online.


If you are ready to renew your vows or want to learn more, please contact me here.

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